Finished Project

Super Event Horizon an SM64 Romhack
October 22, 2019
(in collaboration with Benjamin Wolf)

Mario picks up a distress signal from the Mushroom Kingdom’s largest intergalactic transport vessel that Princess Peach was on! After landing in an asteroid field near the ship, Mario soon discovers that the ship might have been overran from the inside out…

Developed using:
Sketchup 2018 (by Trimble)
ROM Manager v1.04 (by Pilzinsel64)
Sekaiju v5.7 (by OpenMIDIProject)
Seq64 (by Sauraen) (by Rick Brewster)
Cake Eater (by DeltaJordan)
N64Tools (by SubDrag)

Special Thanks to…
– The active members of Simpleflips’ #rom_hacking_discussion Discord channel
– Simpleflips for hosting the competition I entered this into
– Markus Kurko for initiating my jump into rom hacking
– Kaze Emanuar for initiating my desire to learn SM64 rom hacking specifically
– Nintendo for making SM64
– All the N64 games I dumped these textures from

Download the patch here:!fKomgKjJ!4vlhmCA3lClex18m6-HlCVXF35AWWCHivPxy4ojrsPM

How to patch your SM64 rom:

Official Soundtrack playlist: